Body Mindfulness Workshop Excerpt

About Integrative Body Psychotherapy

***Integrative body psychotherapy (IBP) helps people deal with their concerns not only through talking, but also by helping people become deeply aware of their bodily sensations as well as their emotions, images and behavior. People seek body psychotherapy for the same reasons they seek talking or any form of psychotherapy, but also for physical problems (e.g., headaches, lower back pain).

A wide variety of techniques may be used including meditative techniques to help clients get in touch with their bodily sensations, emotionally expressive techniques (e.g. kicking, making sounds, reaching, moving away or towards another person, eye movements), movements to help clients become more aware of their bodies, and observations to help clients become more aware of what they are feeling and where in the body.

Intro to Dr. Marjorie Rand

About Dr. Marjorie Rand

I have been a psychotherapist for 39 years, licensed in three states: California, Colorado and New Mexico, and have trained psychotherapists world-wide since 1986. My training Institutes are located in Switzerland, Canada, Germany, and Israel.

The focus of my work is body/mind/spirit, using somatic psychotherapy and meditation. As a Developmental psychologist, I believe that we are influenced by events starting at conception and through the first three years of life (based on Object Relations theory).

In addition to my practice as a Marriage and Family Therapist, I am also a somatic psychotherapist, meditation teacher, supportive yoga therapy teacher and pre- and peri-natal psychologist.