Q: I get panic attacks in public places. What can I do?

A: This is not a problem I can solve online, but I can tell you to go to the client resources page of this website and watch my videos for “Breathing Techniques For Stress Reduction”. Parasympathetic (Relaxation) breathing techniques; breathing into the belly, not the chest, longer exhale than inhale, exhaling with a sigh, will calm you down within a minute. If you practice these techniques on a daily preventative basis, they will create neural pathways in the brain which will over-ride the panic attacks over time.


You should also know that you are probably experiencing a diaphragm spasm, so doing a back bend over a ball or chair (if you are able) is a good way to release the diaphragm. If you cannot do this, find a good, experienced massage therapist to help you.

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